Our Company

Our Mission
& Vision

To create software and location-data driven devices to build a global data network focused on a human's dataist relationship to the physical world.

Our Values


We persist by constantly evolving to match the challenge and overcome.

A key part of XY - The Persistence Company is our ability to not only tackle a variety of difficult challenges, but our strong desire and determination to do so. Persistence is not the same as endurance – the former requires an ability to pivot, react, and evolve to persist through difficulties, and the latter merely expresses an ability to survive through experiences. XY does not passively stand by and endure.


To understand is to engage.

Understanding your audience allows you to more effectively interact in a community. Without that understanding, you can't begin to engage, empathize, and communicate with your community. At XY, we promote a very strong understanding of our peers and colleagues, as well as our users and customer community, because that understanding is the first step to engaging in a community.


Innovative people do not ask permission to be innovative.

Innovative people find new ways to use their current resources, or think deeply about what is needed not only today, but 50 years from today. They find smarter ways to experiment, and save time and resources with creative ideas that transform their current methods. They are driven to solve problems, and find creative and efficient ways to do so. Innovation is not a moment; it's a state of being.


Curious people don't fear the unknown, they actively embrace the journey it takes to find the answer.

People who are driven to find answers will be more successful than those who are content with the ones they are given. This drive allows you to constantly improve, expand your skillset, and deepen your understanding of the world around you.


Fearless people poke holes in their own plans so they can learn how to become stronger.

Despite the unknown, the future challenges, or potential roadblocks, a fearless person will find any way to strengthen their plan to make their objective more likely to happen. At XY, we strive to arrive at each situation fearless and prepared to face a challenge, because we know that will succeed more often.


Stop doing things that you can prove don't work. Start doing things that you can't prove do.

To be a successful experimenter, you need to have a good understanding of the scientific method, and how it can be applied to create a greater understanding of a situation. This means being pragmatic and careful about how you test new ideas, and aiming to prove a point.


Successful future products require a road, not a leap of faith.

Futurism is understanding the peripheral problems with future-looking ideas. For example, flying cars sound fun and exciting, but how will we build roads in the air? Practice safety? Will there be a new legal age required to drive? When you consider all these peripheral problems, and address them, you can produce a product that is much more successful. The key to XY Labs' ability to remain relevant and evolve with the changing markets is our ability to think farther ahead than other companies, and plan out a road to get there.

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