Meet the Team

The Team Behind XY's Persistence

Who We Are

The XY Team has been persistent from the beginning. We come into the office every day (or rather, into our home offices!) with excitement to better the lives of the people around us, and people around the world.

Arie Trouw
Founder, CEO, CTO
Markus Levin
Head of Operations
Christine Sako
Head of Internal Operations and BI
Lin Du
Maryann Cummings
Product Manager
John Arana
Head of Innovation
Joe Bader
Lead Innovation Engineer
Ryan Hansen
Sr. Software Engineer
Jessica Robson
Operations Associate
Jeremy Green
Head of COIN Social Media & Senior Media Buyer (Google)
Tyler Hill
Support Manager
Jordan Trouw
Marketing Operations Specialist
Ricardo Alcazar
Production Engineer
Daniel Lujan
Fulfillment Supervisor
Fontayne Fuga
Assistant Manager
Head of Office Excitement
1405 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92154