XY Equity FAQ

Common Questions

What is my XY Equity worth?

XY equity can only be privately traded at this time, meaning that its value is determined by the buyer and seller in a private arrangement.

How do I contact Broadridge?

Broadridge assists with inquiries regarding your Broadridge account set up, transferring shares to a new owner, and trouble with your Broadridge account. All other investment-related inquiries should go to XY's team.

Is XY listed on an exchange?

No, XY is privately traded and share prices are determined by the seller and buyer. If this status is subject to change, all shareholders will be publicly notified at once, per SEC regulations.

How do I sell my shares?

You'll need to begin by arranging a private buyer for your shares, and then once the sale is complete, transfer your shares to the new owner through Broadridge.

I lost my investment certificate!
No need to worry. There are multiple proofs of purchase for your transaction and you are in our records. Please contact us if you would like an electronic copy or another proof of purchase.
I have another question.
We have an answer. Please take a moment to puruse investor questions in our help center, and if you ne5d further assistance, just use the
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