a simple device to locate anything

xyLocate works with almost anything that emits a radio frequency that can be detected by your phone. It can remember any unique signature for you. But what about important things that don't broadcast a signal?

xyLocate is compatible with XY4+, so you can turn almost anything into a Bluetooth® beacon. Small, light, durable, and featuring a replaceable long-life battery, XY4+ lets you locate what you need, fast.

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xyLocate is the easy-to-use app that lets you detect and remember the digital signatures of your Bluetooth and WiFi devices, see where they were last detected, and see how far away they are. Add your friends and family to keep track of the people you love.

Expand your personal network using XY4+, the mini Bluetooth® item finder that lets you add almost anything to xyLocate.

xyLocate is free and takes just minutes to set up
find your people

xyLocate allows you to connect with the people who matter to you. See the last known locations of your friends, and allow people to check in on you – with dynamic privacy and parental settings that allow you to decide who sees you and your family.

never lose anything

Most of your life is wireless. It's the pinnacle of convenience... until you misplace something. What if every device you own had an invisible trail of breadcrumbs?

They do! xyLocate can help you see them.

remember where you left everything

If you've ever misplaced something important and had to retrace your steps, you know how frustrating it can be. xyLocate uses your phone's location to remember the last place you saw the things that matter to you, and maps it for you.

powered by xyo

xyLocate uses the XYO Protocol to validate location data, adding a layer of security and validation to every location mapped. And with xyLocate, you can choose to opt into XYO Network, meaning that you can anonymously provide and receive location and other heuristic data via a decentralized, worldwide network.

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